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1. We currently use Friv4School as an introduction to non-touchscreen computers. This gives Kindergarten age students the opportunity to learn how use a mouse and keyboard, and do this playing games that involve following step-by-step directions.

2. We begin teaching most students how to type when they reach Grade 1. We use a variety of offline and online programs to do this, please stop by the computer lab for details on how to set up your PC so that your child can practice typing at home.
3. For grades 1-5, we also focus on the drag-and-drop programming language Scratch, which allows students to control the actions of cartoons as well as Lego Mindstorm robots with little need for typing.
4. With sufficient keyboarding skills, students are then able to start productively using Microsoft Office. At this stage, we also allow any student to start learning HTML, and how to program with Python, the high-level programming language which has the most pre-college curriculum available. "Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code."

5. Time management skills are essential for all students, especially grades 9-12. Find out more here: 

6. We currently have some computers in the lab running the Ubuntu Operating System, as well as Windows, in order to give students hands on experience with Linux, the most common OS for Web Servers.
7. For those students who wish to have a career in programming, we follow the advice of Dr. Laxmi P. Gewali, Professor and Department Chairman, Computer Science at UNLV, and provide them with the resources to learn the cutting edge programming language Java. Because Android is now the leading OS for smart phones and tablets, learning how to make Apps with Java will probably be the easiest way to get a programming job for some time to come.
8. The well known "C" programming languages, C, C++, and C# are still a great place to start for new Computer Science majors, because unlike Java, they are internationally standardized. I believe that knowledge of either Java or C would be a great asset, so, the final choice would be up to the student.

Resource links from
Apps to Teach Kids

RoboLogic (iOS)
Drag commands to move a robot. Age 4+

LightBot (Android)
Drag commands to move a robot. Age 4+

CargoBot (iPad)
Help a robot-arm solve puzzles. Age 8+

Move the Turtle (iOS)
Drag/drop code to move a turtle. Age 8+

Kodu (xBox, Windows)
Design a 3D game world. Age 8+

Learn to program using Ruby. Age 12+

More Online Tutorials

Hackety Hack
Free Ruby-based environment aiming to make programming easy for beginners.

Beginner level tutorials for Ruby, Python, and Javascript.
Learn core programming languages such as Java, C#, and HTML5. 

Free and fee-based video tutorials that walk through lessons.
University Courses Online


Free full university courses online taught by real professors.

Free university courses plus discussions, quizzes, and other interactive learning.

Free interactive college classes on computer science for all levels.
Free college lectures on computer science for advanced students.

Learn to Make Webpages

Mozilla's Thimble
Use this app to easily create and share your own web pages.
Code Avengers
Fun and effective learning tools for the total beginner.

Make Your Own Mobile Apps

Learn to build apps for Android phones and tablets within hours.
Codea (iPad)
Create games and simulations — or just about any visual idea you have.

Write Code for Robots

For anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.
Lego Mindstorms
Create small, customizable and programmable robots.

Suggested age appropriate programming languages:

US educational level

Approximate Age

Experience level

Appropriate languages

Preschool - grade 2

3 - 7

None, not applicable

Logo style: LogoGuido van RobotKarelScratchKoduBaltie 2, Stagecast Creator

Grades 2-4

7 - 9

None, not applicable

LogoKoduRoboMindScratch or EtoysStagecast Creator

Grades 5-8

10 - 14

None or little

KoduLego MindstormEtoysMicrosoft Small

Grades 5-8

10 - 14


SqueakMicrosoft Small BasicRoboMind, full featured BASICGreenfootPascalMamaPythonRuby

High school

14 - 17

None or little

SqueakMicrosoft Small BasicRoboMindGreenfootPascalVisual Basic, full featured BASICMamaPython, Ruby

High school

14 - 17


SqueakRoboMindGreenfoot or BlueJnewLISPMamaOZ, most other programming languages


18 +

None assumed, non-majors course

SqueakGreenfoot or BlueJnewLISPVisual Basic, full featured BASIC


18 +

Starting computer science or developer curriculum

HaskellOZSchemeQiSqueakNetBeans BlueJ.


Established educational resources:

 Scratch makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games.

 Hackety Hack will teach you the absolute basics of programming from the ground up.

 Khan Academy teaches introductory concepts common to many different programming languages.

 Codecademy offers a series of courses grouped to help you master a topic or language.

 CodeHS has everything you need to teach CS in your high school or start learning at home.

 Roblox Lua If you've never programmed before, this is a great way to start learning.

 Step By Step HTML is a quick, easy and free online tutorial with a built in editor.

 W3Schools is an extremely comprehensive tutorial but better used as a reference.

 GCFLearnFree is a worldwide leader in free online education.
Online articles about programming careers:

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